At, we aim to dress the bride the tznius way, the way that doesn’t compromise on her femininity.  This translates to a looser fit at the bodice and skirt which are deemed kosher k’halacha.

This project is sparked by a challenge of a friend who would like to see designs of true tznius wedding gowns.  This article, Tznius Bridal Gowns, is the rise to that challenge.  After a successful prototyping of some of the designs in that article, is born.  From concept to design to prototype to, the idea of affordable quality bespoke tznius bridal gowns has been realized.  Along with kosher wedding dresses and gowns, also offers custom veils and caps ideal for the bridal veiling ceremony called Badeken.


Our wedding gowns are designed directly from the only Pattern Making Software for Modest Dressmaking called My Sloper, designed by KosherPatterns ®.  The author of the software is someone who observes tznius in dress herself and lives and breathes it.


Our experience in providing tznius garments for the public are documented in this compilation of approbations.  We welcome you to be our patron and look forward to working with you.  We’ve been producing tznius garments since 2012.  Our work can be seen on and


10% of sales from goes to benefit charity, a Hachnosos Kallah Fund that supports needy Jewish brides.