Our approbations come from a variety of sources which reveal our experience in providing tznius garments over the years.

Rabbanit Cohen

May Hashem continue to shower you with blessings and success.


I received my dress and it is simply B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! From the moment I messaged the shop owner to place my custom request; she was 100% professional and aimed to make sure I was completely satisfied with every detail before moving forward. The quality of the fabric is very good and the garment is well made. In my 20 + years of having my garments custom made to follow modesty (and because I’m petite LOL) I’ve “never” had a seamstress make a detailed garment for me in record time like this shop owner; that did not look like it was rushed. The garment shipped before expected time, and I’m looking forward to placing my next custom order. If I could, I would give 1000 stars. Thank You Much!


This item is what I was looking for a long time both in Amazon and Ebay. This is awesome and very well made. I would love to see some more of these items soon. I sure like to recommend this item to my friends. I’ve connected with the seller and she was so kind to communicate with me and provided details about the item.


This is another wonderful pretied scarf I’ve been looking for a long time. Awesome design and so comfortable. Just love this lovely color and perfect for spring. I would love to buy some more of this design with different colors soon. Thanks for wonderful items.


Your patterns are wonderful! Congratulations!
I have to thank you once again for your wonderful patterns! I made some garments using some of them and they are indeed very nice.


Soft and fits great. Attractive. Just perfect!


Very soft and comfy. Shipped quickly. I love it!

Jane Marie

Very pleased. So soft. Thank you…


Stunning Hat! Just as described a good staple item to have.


This is a wonderful seamstress. Very well made. Highly recommend. Gorgeous snood.  Beautiful craftsmanship. Will buy from again.


The snoods are good quality and they are the best I have had in a long time. T he snoods are stunning and so modest.


We purchased The Joy of Tznius Pattern Book Volume #1 and we want to let you know how happy we are to have it.


I appreciate your speedy response to my request for custom made dickies. They are exactly what I wanted!


It is very hard to find today how to implement the beautiful drapes and effects of the cowl necklines in a modest way. The majority of cowl necklines today require that a modest woman wears a shell underneath her clothing. But this book solves that problem by showing you how to do it. No layering required.

What I’m impressed about this author is that she first explains the mathematics behind the techniques used before she proceeds to draft the patterns for them. An Excel spreadsheet is required in order to draft the patterns, and it is not included in the book, but can be obtained freely from the author by emailing her. Proof of purchase of book is needed.

The author’s work on her websites is very impressive as well, and she sells dickeys made from the designs in this book. I believe this book is necessary for those of us who keep tznius and want to dress beautifully as well.


I am delighted with my custom made Peter Pan collar in the material of my choice. My experience with this purchase was efficient and speedy!


Thank you very much! Your work is beautiful!

Rebbetzin Weiss

So happy to find your site! Your things look unique and beautiful!


The snoods were pretty,
And arrived on time,
Carefully packaged –
Service sublime!



I LOVE them. Super, super comfortable and incredibly nice looking. They are just terrific!!!!


Love my favorite seller! She’s THE best! Beautiful pieces. I receive compliments literally every time I wear her items. That’s why I never leave the house without wearing something she’s made for me. Order from her now….you won’t regret it!!!


The dickey is absolutely gorgeous. I have been disappointed by what’s available in stores. It’s going to enhance all of my tops. It has a zipper and hooks on the back so it will be very easy to pull on over my head. I’m going to feel elegant and very much the lady!


Thank you for my recent order of snoods, including snood beret, which is fabulous. Thank you for all that you do for Klal Yisroel.


This is a wonderful seller to work with. She created this cowl collar dickey in a custom color I requested and shipped it quickly. The color was exactly what I wanted. This dickey drapes *beautifully* and the bodice fits invisibly under my blouse.


I really love this fabric, I asked for this to be created from all cotton fabric and it arrived so soon! I love the way it looks and it didn’t take long at all, many thanks!

This is a great dickey, I love that it is all cotton. It drapes beautifully and is easy to put on and off. Thanks!!


Perfect as always. Love this seller! She is quick and can work with any custom order I’ve thrown at her. There’s a reason I buy from her shop more than any other….QUALITY!


We really appreciate your online shop and craftsmanship you put into your lovely clothing. We are so very happy with the snoods we’ve ordered from you previously.


One of my favorite pieces yet! Adds inches to any shorter length top while adding a pop of style to any outfit! As always, it arrived in perfect ready to wear condition! The craftsman ship and quality is truly unparalleled.


Love this. Well made. Thanks.


Great workmanship!


Thank you for the quick shipping; got here before the Nine Days. The fit for my daughter is perfect. Thank you so much. Will order again (bli neder).


Thank you. The product I ordered came out really exceptional.


Beautiful snoods! It was hard to choose from. Thanks.


Shalom my name is Sophia, I ordered two snoods, from modestanytime.com, and I’m extremely happy. The material is beautiful, and it fits so confortably on my head. It’s washable and very durable. Thank you modestanytime.com.


The snood is very comfortable and it stays in place.


Thank you for your gorgeous piece!!! It’s so light and comfortable – I don’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all! Very well done!


I love this snood. It is so comfortable!! Thank you.


Received the snood. Love it!!!! Thanks so much!!


Beautiful! Thank you! Very fast shipping. Better than picture. You make tznius look beautiful! Thank you very much!