Buyer Responsibility

As a buyer, you are responsible for your commitment to this store’s policies as a requirement upon checkout.


You will be asked to check off that you’ve read and accept the Terms and Conditions binding upon the transaction you are conducting with  Please read the Terms and Conditions (this page) carefully and accept them.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then you won’t be able to checkout.

Returns & Refunds Policy

Everything is sold “as is” in this store and are therefore “final”.  We do not accept returns, neither do we issue refunds.

We try our best to describe each item accurately. It is the buyer’s responsibility to ask questions about a particular item before committing to purchase it.  That includes various measurements for a hair covering or any other garment we have for sale.

This policy also applies to custom handmade couture and bespoke items.

Payment Processing

All our transactions are conducted using Paypal and Stripe as the payment gateway. We do not process or store any credit card numbers on our website or our computer. We do not take credit card numbers over the phone.

During checkout, you will be sent to Paypal to securely process your credit card payment. You don’t need to have a Paypal account in order to process your transaction, but having a Paypal account will help track your purchases here and at the millions of merchants that accept Paypal, including eBay, Amazon, Walmart. Stripe takes credit card numbers directly from you through our site through a secure connection via SSL without leaving it.

Service Hours

Please note our Holiday Hours . Orders created during our Holiday Hours will be processed after the holiday(s) is over. Thank you.

Domestic Shipping

Domestic USPS shipping is provided by USPS for First Class and Priority Mail.

International Shipping

Domestic USPS shipping is provided by USPS for First class and Priority Mail.  Duties are not included.

Thank you

Thank you for your patronage.